NAATI is the acronym for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd. NAATI offers the only credential accepted by employers for the profession of translation and interpreting in Australia.

NAATI Approved Courses


  • NAATI Accreditation:

      • Paraprofessional Interpreter (English and Mandarin)
      • Professional Translator (English to Chinese)


      AITI offers:

      • PSP50916 Diploma of Interpreting qualification as a NAATI approved course for Para-professional Interpreter accreditation between English and Mandarin and

      • PSP60816 Advanced Diploma of Translating qualification as a NAATI approved course for Professional Translator accreditation from English to Chinese



  • For further information about NAATI, approved courses, and accreditation, please visit the NAATI website at

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