NAATI is the acronym of National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.
How many languages does AITI offer?

AITI only delivers translation and interpretation qualifications relating to English and Chinese languages.


Can I undertake an AITI course while doing part-time job(s)

Yes, you can. Apart from the study hours, there is ample time for students to balance part-time work and social activities with their studies. Overseas students will, however, need to be aware of their visa requirements which may limit the amount of paid work per week. For qualified students who are limited by the amount of time they can spare, there are also part-time and weekend classes options.


Can AITI provide assistance if I have difficulties with my study or life?

AITI places much priority on students’ needs, offering a wide range of support services including study advice, psychological counselling, language assistance, health counselling, employment advice and visa guidance. Such support services will help students adapt to the new environment quickly so that they can smoothly complete their study in Australia.


What kind of qualifications do AITI teachers hold?

AITI has a high profile teaching team. Almost all of our translating and interpreting trainers hold NAATI Professional Translator and/or Interpreter accreditation (Level III ), and many hold PhDs or Master degrees. With many years of experience in teaching translation and interpretation as well as vast experience and knowledge gained in the workplace, they are amongst the best in the field.


Can AITI help me with accommodation?

AITI can advise students regarding accommodation and can assist students in making the choice that best suits their needs. AITI can also arrange temporary Home-Stay accommodation through a third party provider at the request of students.



How do I apply for an AITI course?

Applying is easy! First, you should read the Student Information Handbook, which will provide you with all of the information about being a student at AITI, as well as a list of courses of study currently available. Once you have selected a course which interests you, you can then read the Student Course Outline for that particular qualification, or go to the Course section in this website. If you decide that a course of study is suitable for your needs, all you have to is fill out an application form and you’re on your way to AITI!

The application and enrolment processes are described in full detail in both the Student Information Handbook and the Student Course Outline, or you can go straight to the applications page on the AITI website by using this link Student Applications. You can also visit our Student Administration Department in person at our Melbourne Campus and Head Office, or you can talk to your local AITI Registered Education Agent.


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