Why study in Australia


Australia provides a world-class education environment where students are encouraged to develop creativity and independent thinking. Students who successfully complete their studies in Australia have excellent career prospects, and are well regarded globally by large businesses and government departments. Undergraduates from Australian institutions are also readily accepted to undertake postgraduate studies by first-class universities world-wide.
Australia enjoys some of the best living standards in the world, where excellent living conditions are supported by well-developed infrastructure that includes state-of-the-art communication facilities, broadband internet access, first-rate health-care services, modern public transportation, and world-class shopping.
Influenced by its multicultural ethnicity, Australia has a rich variety of food and cuisine choices. Australia also has a unique natural environment – while experiencing the urban landscape to its fullest, students can also embrace the spectacular natural landscape within a short distance of the metropolitan area.
Personal safety is always one of the biggest concerns for overseas students and parents, however Australia is home to migrants from 140 countries, making it one of the most diverse multicultural populations in the world. Melbourne in particular proudly boasts a large Chinese population, many of whom have become quite prominent in the local society through business and civic activities – Melbourne’s Hong Kong born former Lord Mayor John So is perhaps the best known example, who also holds the title as Melbourne’s longest serving mayor! The success of Mayor So’s time in office is commonly viewed as a symbol of diversity in Australian public life, and highlights the way in which the local Melbourne community takes great pride in creating an exceptionally safe, open, welcoming, and friendly society for all.
Generally speaking, international students are highly valued for the contributions they can make to campus life, education institutions, and the broader community. Multicultural Australia is a safe, stable, friendly, harmonious, and highly developed English speaking country offering students the opportunity to live and study in peace and comfort within an educational and social environment that encourages them to achieve their best.

Living Expenses

Australia represents fantastic value for money to those seeking a combination of high quality education and excellent living standards – comparatively, living expenses and tuition fees are much more affordable, while education standards remain world-class.
Australia enjoys some of the best living standards in the world. Realistic average annual living expenses are around $18,610 Australian dollars, which cover expenses for food and accommodation, clothes, recreation, transport, travel, telephone, and other miscellaneous costs. Expenses may vary according to location, the education course, and lifestyle.
Indicative general living expense rates in Melbourne are listed below:

Type of Expense

Indicative Cost (per week)


$80.00  to  $300.00


$60.00  to  $150.00


$30.00  to  $50.00

Gas, Electricity, Phone

$40.00  to  $60.00


$50.00  to  $100.00


$290.00 to $660.00 per week

* The information is indicative only. Living expenses may vary in circumstances.


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