Student support services form an integral part of the Australian education system. Australia is a world leader in advocating student interests through the provision of student support services to enhance educational outcomes.

Student Support Officer

Being a student is exciting, but it can also be challenging. All staff can be approached to gain advice on academic and personal issues. Staff at AITI will offer professional and confidential advice in areas where they can help and will ensure that all efforts are taken to ensure a positive learning experience is achieved.


Whilst all AITI staff are responsible for providing support to students, AITI also provides access to a dedicated Student Support Officer who is available to all students on an appointment basis throughout standard AITI business hours, which can be arranged by contacting the Student Administration Department. The Operations Manager is also able to provide links to external sources of support in cases where AITI staff-members are not qualified or it is in the student’s best interests to seek professional advice. Appointments to see the Operation manager can also be made by contacting the Student Administration Department.


Student Support Services
The following support services are available and accessible for all students studying with AITI. AITI will provide students with contact details to refer any matters that require further follow up with relevant professionals. Any referrals are conducted by AITI at no cost to the student but fees and charges may apply where an external service is used by the student and this should be clarified by the student prior to using such services outside of AITI.


  • Academic issues
  • Personal/Social issues
  • Accommodation
  • Medical Issues
  • Legal Services
  • Careers and employment
  • Social Programs


Critical Incident Policy
AITI has a Critical Incident Policy in place to deal with situations such as missing persons, victims of severe verbal or psychological aggression, death, serious injury or any threat of these, natural disasters, and issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and drug or alcohol abuse.
In the event of a critical emergency incident, students are advised to call 000 for Emergency Police, Fire or Ambulance assistance.

The AITI 24 hour Emergency Contact is also available to assist in critical emergency situations.
24hr AITI Emergency Contact: 0413 165 668 - Eric Pan, Operations Manager

Disability and Special Needs Service
AITI supports students with disabilities and special needs. AITI actively promotes access for all, and seeks to enable full and independent participation in all programs offered at AITI.
Students with special support needs can contact the Student Administration Department to make an appointment with the Student Support Officer, who will undertake to deliver appropriate support services. These services generally include


  • Assistance with physical access
  • Liaison with external agencies
  • Organization of note takers
  • Provision of special equipment
  • Reasonable adjustments of course arrangement

If you have problems or your study is affected by a medical condition, you have the right to ask AITI to accommodate your needs by contacting the Student Support Officer.


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