Students in Australia have a number of options when it comes to finding accommodation. Accommodation arrangements can be made according to individual needs and preferences, dependent upon lifestyle and budget considerations.
Student accommodation arrangements common to Australia are listed below:
Homestay is a service where students rent a fully furnished room in the household of an Australian host family. Homestay families are carefully selected to ensure that the accommodation and environment they provide is suitable for student needs. Students often choose Homestay accommodation at the start of their stay in Australia, because it can help them to adapt to the local Australian environment easily and quickly – it is an excellent option for students who want to live in a secure and supportive environment while experiencing the day-to-day lifestyle of Australian families that will expose them to the local culture, geography, history, climate, food, and living conditions. Another key advantage of Homestay is that students are provided with an opportunity to improve their English conversation skills by becoming immersed in an environment where idiomatic English is spoken in an everyday setting. Often, students are also invited to join family excursions and day to day activities. Services provided by Homestay generally include:
Upon request, AITI can arrange temporary Homestay accommodation for students through reputable and recognised third party service providers.
Homestay and Airport Pick-Up Request Form
Shared Accommodation
Students can rent a single room in a flat or house and share areas and facilities such as the lounge, kitchen, bathroom, and utility bills (including internet bills) with other tenants. Students are strongly advised to read tenancy agreements carefully before signing up to shared accommodation arrangements. Tenants are usually asked to pay a bond that is equivalent to one month’s rent. For further information on shared accommodation in Australia, visit
Independent Accommodation
Students are strongly advised to arrange rental agreements through registered estate agents, and read the tenancy/lease agreement carefully before signing any agreement. In general, when students rent a property, they are usually asked to pay a bond that is equivalent to one month’s rent. For further information on independent accommodation in Australia visit
Hostels are a good option for students seeking immediate accommodation arrangements. Hostels usually provide a small private room furnished with basic furniture and shared access with other tenants to facilities such as bathrooms, laundries and lounges. Like Homestay accommodation, Hostels are also a great option for students who wish to find temporary accommodation as they settle into their student life in Australia while allowing them the time and opportunity to seek out more permanent, longer term living arrangements.

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