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Dear all,


I am Victor LI, principal of Australian Institute of Translation and Interpretation (AITI). First, on behalf of AITI, I would like to extend to you my warmest greetings!


Australia is a vibrant country, with beautiful natural landscape and a safe community environment. Its quality higher education systems make it stand prominently on top of the education choice list among overseas students from China.


The deepening reforms and opening policy have seen more frequent, multi-direction, and multi-level exchanges between China and rest of the world, which has in turn created an enormous demand for advanced translators and interpreters. In fact the media has been filled with stories about advanced translators and interpreters making a fortune on a daily basis.

Australian Institute of Translation and Interpretation maintains the motto of ‘integrity, accuracy, pragmaticality, and creativity’ and holds as its obligation the training and education of advanced translators and interpreters. Over the past few years AITI has emerged as one of Australia’s largest English-Chinese translation and interpretation training institutions. The graduates of our institute have been employed in many different countries and regions such as Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, playing a significant roll in cross-cultural communications in a wide range of fields including economy, politics, and culture, in particular in the promotion of cultural exchanges between China and the west.


AITI proudly enjoys the services by numerous elite translation professionals in Australia. The staff is an excellent combination of senior professors as well as newly emerged professionals in the field of translation. Our team consists of senior translators who have worked for President Bush. Also in our staff team are those young and middle-aged translators and interpreters who provided professional services while senior government officials and business delegations visited Australia.


In a word, AITI has been further enhancing our status in terms of software and hardware construction and development, and we will enthusiastically embrace the “faster, higher and farther” Olympic spirit. And the staff will make every effort collaboratively to enable AITI to emerge as a worldwide first-class institution for professional translators and interpreters.

We look forward to providing you with quality services and vocational education in translation and interpretation!


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